Interview: Two Long-Term Contributors !

Interviewee no. one…

Yash; Hello guys, welcome to this interview… So what is your name ?
Ramesh; My name is Ramesh Verma

Yash; Where do you live ?
Ramesh; I live in Lahore Pakistan

Yash; Which school did you go to ?
Ramesh; I went to small school called Tanvi International

Yash; What project do you participate in ?
Ramesh; I participate in the project, CashLabs

Yash; What does Open Source mean for you? What is important to you about Open Source?
Ramesh; Open Source, like its name means freedom to me. Software, applications, your creations available to the world for free and made by community for the community to the community 😀

Yash; Well thank you for your precious time. That will be all.
Ramesh; Thank you for having me 😀

Interviewee no. two…

Yash; Mr. Jain where are you from ?
Mr. Jain; I am from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Yash; What have you learned in the Open Source community
Mr. Jain; Collaboration would be three-forth of it and impeccably the most crucial one. I’ve made friends along the way and also learned to be a part of a team 😀

Yash; How do you contribute to Open Source Technologies
Mr. Jain; By far the best way to contribute to Open Source is GitHub and trust me, I cant think of any alternatives!

Yash; What do you like about FOSSASIA and Open Source ?
Mr. Jain; Fossasia offers a platform for developers of all ages a very friendly experience to contribute and better ourselves and them equally.

Yash; How can people participate in your project ?
Mr. Jain; Well thats easy, you just need to fork the project’s repository on GitHub and get acquainted with the project via the file

Yash; Will you join the next FOSSASIA Summit fin Singapore ?
Mr. Jain; That answer is obvious and it is YES 😀

Yash; Thank you for your time Mr. Jain 😀
Mr. Jain; Your Welcome 😀


Fossasia >>>

GCI >>>


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