Issue Hunting !!

Google code-in is a world-wide competition held by the folks at Google annually which provides a platform for us to explore new and interesting organisations and also help them! With tasks in all branches of cyber-computing such as: Code, User Interface, Documentation/Training, Quality Assurance and Outreach/Research it is the ultimate competition.

I found about GCI from a friend a year ago but I was too late to join in the fun. Now that I know how epic Google Code-in is, I really regret not being able to participate last year. Nevertheless, this year I have planned to complete as many GCI tasks as I can and not waste this opportunity.

When I completed my first task, I was hocked on to it like an anchor. It was the best experience by far. I had actually accomplished something and in doing so also benefited an actual organisation. That feeling is like no other. Soon I started to hunt for a second and a third. The third meant that I would get a google t-shirt from as a prize. I was psyched! I must admit I wasn’t the fastest to reach so far but I was defiantly determined and disciplined for the task. Day and night, I emptied the internet, disburdening it of its information and piecing together information to finish the task. ASAP!

Whats better then helping someone out ? And GCI does provide you that opportunity. Solving an issue for an organisation like Fossasia really is a thrilling and accomplishing thing. The feeling is like no more!! I am really privileged to have had the opportunity of ‘actually’ working with Fossasia. Issue finding is a great way to learn about the practice of double checking your work and drives us into an adventure of hunting ISSUES! The mentors really make the process exciting and help us help them by providing creative alternatives to a particular problem. Thank you Fossasia!!

The best thing about GCI is that it motivates us to surf the internet and learn to do things previously unheard-of. For example; Forking a Project in GitHub. It was something which I at first hearing about, thought of food but later I understood what it really was and how relevant it is. Never would this be possible had GCI not existed.

FOSSASIA is a great organisation and brings with it a huge number of tasks which are meant to help us and them both. The opportunity we are so privileged to have to work with them and help them with their organisation is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Fossasia hosts many great projects such as and Meilix. They are seriously very interesting! I really want to learn more about them.

Through GCI I found about many open-source applications and even decided to download a few of them. I love the application created by zullip, ‘zulipchat’. It is an incredible app! Without GCI, I never would have know about it. I use it now as a means to communicate with the community along with GitHub.

Adding to that hype, completing more tasks for a particular organisation and ending up in their leader-board will yield a google Hoody! Google code-in is defiantly a great way to show-off your cybernetic prowess, earn recognition and knowledge in various subjects.

Google Code-in >>>

Fossasia >>>



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