Interviewing a Teacher !!

Yash: Good Afternoon ma’em and welcome to this interview…

Neha: Pleasure to be here 😀

 Yash: Ma’em, where are you from ?

Neha: I am from Jaipur, Rajasthan

Yash: Which school do you work at ?

Neha: I teach computer science in Jayshree Periwal International School

Yash: What do you think about GCI ?

Neha: As a teacher of CS, i think Google Code-in is a great way for students to explore the world of open-source and be a part of them. It is truly educational!

Yash: Would you want to be a mentor for an organisation next year ?

Neha: That would certainly be interesting, if i get a chance… why not ?!

Yash: Well ma’em, thank you for giving me the pleasure of interviewing you 😀

Neha: Pleasure is all mine ;D

Link to fossasia’s GCI >>>

Link to fossasia’s website >>>


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